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90 Piece 3/8' Dr. 3/8' Dr. SAE Tools Set

Product Code : ATMS090S
3/8' Dr. 12 pt. SAE Hand Socket 1/4' Hand Socket 28mmL, 5/16' Hand Socket 28mmL, 11/32' Hand Socket 28mmL, 3/8' Hand Socket 28mmL, 7/16' Hand Socket 30mmL, 1/2' Hand Socket 30mmL, 9/16' Hand Socket 30mmL, 19/32' Hand Socket 30mmL, 5/8' Hand Socket 30mmL, 11/16' Hand Socket 32mmL, 3/4' Hand Socket 32mmL, 25/32' Hand Socket 32mmL, 13/16' Hand Socket 32mmL, 7/8' Hand Socket 32mmL, 3/8' Dr. 12 pt. SAE Universal Hand Socket 3/8' Universal Hand Socket 51mmL, 7/16' Universal Hand Socket 51mmL, 1/2' Universal Hand Socket 51mmL, 9/16' Universal Hand Socket 52mmL, 5/8' Universal Hand Socket 54mmL, 11/16' Universal Hand Socket 56mmL, 3/4' Universal Hand Socket 56mmL, 3/8' Dr. 6 pt. SAE Deep Hand Socket 1/4' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 5/16' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 11/32' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 3/8' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 7/16' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 1/2' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 9/16' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 19/32' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 5/8' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 11/16' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 3/4' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 25/32' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 13/16' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 7/8' Deep Hand Socket 63mmL, 3/8' Dr. 6 pt. SAE Deep Impact Socket 5/16'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 11/32'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 3/8'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 7/16'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 1/2'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 9/16'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 19/32'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 5/8'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 11/16'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 3/4'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 25/32'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 13/16'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 7/8'' Deep Impact Socket 63mmL, 3/8' Dr. Assorted Bit Socket 1/8' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 5/32' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 3/16' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 7/32' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 1/4' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 9/32' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 5/16' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 3/8' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 7/16' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 1/2' Hex Bit Socket 50mmL, 1/8' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 5/32' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 3/16' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 7/32' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 1/4' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 9/32' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 5/16' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 3/8' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 7/16' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, 1/2' Hex Bit Socket 140mmL, T-10 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-15 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-20 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-25 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-27 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-30 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-40 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-45 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-50 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, T-55 Star Bit Socket 140mmL, M4 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL M5 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, M6 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, M8 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, M10 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, M12 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, M14 Triple Square Bit Socket 50mmL, Accessory 3/8' Dr. Extension Bar 75mmL (3'L) 3/8' Dr. Extension Bar 200mmL (8'L) 3/8' Dr. Hinge Handle 230mmL (9'L) 3/8' Dr. 72 Teeth Rotor Ratchet 250mmL (10'L) 3/8' Dr. 72 Teeth Ratchet 230mmL (9'L) Plastic Tray 1/1
90 Piece 3/8' Dr. 3/8' Dr. SAE Tools Set


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