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23 Piece Punch and Hammer Set

Product Code : ATMS023
Hammer (Anti-Vibration Grip) 590116 454g (1 lbs.) Claw Hammer 330mmL 590216 454g (1 lbs.) Ball Peen Hammer 330mmL 590348 1135g (2 1/2 lbs.) Drilling Hammer 270mmL 590416 4545g (1 lbs.) Soft Face Hammer 330mmL Pry Bar 015618 Close Quarter Bar 460mmL (18'L) Punch & Chisel 561206 6mm Flat Chisel 125mmL 561410 10mm Flat Chisel 140mmL 561612 12mm Flat Chisel 150mmL 561614 14mm Flat Chisel 150mmL 561616 16mm Flat Chisel 160mmL 565102 2mm Pin Punch 100mmL 565123 3mm Pin Punch 125mmL 565144 4mm Pin Punch 140mmL 565165 5mm Pin Punch 160mmL 565166 6mm Pin Punch 160mmL 564203 3mm Long Taper Line Up Punch 200mmL 564255 5mm Long Taper Line Up Punch 250mmL 563100 3mm Center Punch 100mmL 563125 5mm Center Punch 125mmL Tang-Thru Screwdriver (Rubber Grip) 509+1990 1.6 x 10.0mm Slotted Tang-Thru Screwdriver 305mmL 509+1992 2.0 x 12.0mm Slotted Tang-Thru Screwdriver 315mmL 509+1812 #2 Philips Tang-Thru Screwdriver 245mmL 509+1843 #3 Philips Tang-Thru Screwdriver 255mmL
23 Piece Punch and Hammer Set


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