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Bars Pry / Jimmy Etc

12 Pc Interchangeable Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set

Product Code : AT8770
12 Piece Extendable Shank Interchangeable Pry Bar Set The most comprehensive, interchangeable & extendable pry bar set with ten attachable heads & two quick change handles. Set Contains: Extendable handle 502mm to 920mm (shank ¿19mm) 200mm Short quick change handle for narrow conditions. Curved lever head 38mm in width. Spoon type pry bar head 38mm in width. Paint scraper head 38mm in width. Short adjustable lady foot head 19mm in width. Long adjustable lady foot head 20mm in width. Right angle pry bar head 30mm in width. 60 Degree Angle ending pick head 16mm in width. Jumbo driver head (straight) 22mm in width. 30 Degree Standard pry bar head 22mm in width. 6mm diameter Jimmy pry bar head tapered to 6mm. All supplied in tough blow mold case. Weight: 6.83Kg.
12 Pc Interchangeable Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set


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