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Stud Extractors / Screw Extractors

AT8552 Stud Remover Set (mm)

Product Code : AT8552

The best way to remove studs without causing damage to the shanks. The tapered collets thread onto the stud, even if only a few threads are exposed. Tightening the housing bolt draws the collet up into the tapered housing & securely clamps the collet onto the stud for easy stud removal or setting.


 Housing, 6 x 1.00mm, 7 x 1.00mm, 8 x 1.00mm, 8 x 1.25mm, 9 x 1.00mm, 9 x 1.25mm, 10 x 1.25mm, 10 x 1.50mm, 12 x 1.25mm, 12 x 1.50mm, 14 x 1.50mm, 14 x 2.00mm, 16 x 1.50mm, 16 x 2.00mm

AT8552 Stud Remover Set (mm)


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