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Catalogue : Diesel / Fuel / Oil Pressure Testers & Diagnostics : Stehoscopes, Electronic 4 & 6 Channel

Stehoscopes, Electronic 4 & 6 Channel

AT7753 Multi-Channel Automotive Noise Finder

Product Code : AT7753
The multi-Channel automotive noise finder is a portable piece of equipment to diagnose the defect with in a vehicle. Example, when a generator is running, it can detect the impact of vibration due the failure of a bearing, gear, valve, crank, cylinder, gearbox, vehicle body noise, etc.
Plug in the head-phone connector into the head-phone jack, then clip the four different colour alligator clips around the defect area of the machine. Based on the colour and position of clips, select the relative channel. Switch on the amplifier and tune the volume to hear the sound from the machine. Technician can therefore diagnose the machine based on the frequency & pitch of the sound
AT7753 Multi-Channel Automotive Noise Finder


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