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High Leverage Diaganol Cutter

Product Code : AT7402160
160mm cutting edges with bevel, forged-on axle for heaviest duty suitable for all types of wire including piano wire high cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum co-ordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape precision cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC the 250mm long diagonal cutter is suitable for copper conductors up to 16 mm² and aluminium conductors up to 35 mm² chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened and tempered Model 74 21 200 - 12° angled head for flush cutting, providing space of approx. 70 mm for gripping The choice of material (Chrome Vanadium), lever ratio and cutting edge angle mean that KNIPEX High Leverage Diagonal Cutters are particularly designed for the cutting of hard wires. Fixed, forged-on axle for work under continuous stress. Requires 21% less effort. Cutting a medium hard wire of 2.5 mm dia. with a High Leverage Diagonal Cutter (length 160 mm) requires a handforce of only 293 N (29.3 kp) instead of 370 N (37.0 kp) with a common Diagonal Cutter of the same length.
High Leverage Diaganol Cutter


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