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Vacuum Brake Bleeding Sets

ATK3853B Pneumatic Brake Bleeder

Product Code : ATK3853B
RRP Price:
Capacity: 1 liter
Use standard workshop air supply
Removes fluid via bleed nipples to allow bleeding or entire fluid replacement
Material: PE (Polyethylene)
Brake fluid bleeder for the extraction of brake fluid on wheel brake cylinders, brake calipers, also suitable for ABS brakes.
By means of compressed air the integrated Venturi-system creates a vacuum, enabling thus the bleeding of the brake system.
With universal plastic nozzle, suitable for all common vehicle types and a clear transparent hose enables easy visual check.
ADDITONAL reservoir replenishing bottle. Refills master / clutch system as you bleed with bleeder.
ATK3853B Pneumatic Brake Bleeder


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