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Vacuum Brake Bleeding Sets

Hand Vacuum Pump Kit

Product Code : AT7059
Dual Vacuum & Pressure Pump Tester

Includes Brake Bleeder & Fluid Transfer Kit

Superior quality all metal construction vacuum & pressure pump creates & holds a metered vacuum & or pressure for testing and servicing a wide variety of automotive, marine, aircraft & agricultural equipment. Pump rating of one cubic inch per stroke quickly attains a vacuum of up to 25 inches of mercury in a few seconds.

There's an infinite number of applications for this tool.

Some already proven uses include checking:

air intake control valves, distributor vacuum advances, EGR valves, power brake boosters, transmission modulators, motorcycle carburettors, etc.

Worn 0-rings, seals and valves can be replaced with the #7059-R repair kit. Includes all adaptors and reservoir for brake bleeding and fluid transfer.

All neatly arranged in plastic blow mold storage case.

Complete with illustrated instruction manual.

Gauge Diameter: 2"(50mm)

Gauge Readings: 0 to 30in Hg (0 to 76cm Hg) Vacuum

0 to 60psi (0 to 1.4bar) Pressure 

Hand Vacuum Pump Kit


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