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AT4462 Common Rail Return Fuel Tester

Product Code : AT4462
 (Quick Replace Couplings)
Suitable for injector return side of a C R D system. This kit can help to diagnose poor acceleration, general lack of engine power, rough engine running and no engine starting.
Contents: Graduated acrylic measuring block with hook for up to 8 cylinders. Hoses with quick replace couplings and a short pipe sets.  Spring steel & flexible line clamp.
Injector adaptor sets for Bosch, Simens, Denso and Delphi.
Test Diagnosis:
Check the measuring chambers. As soon as the diesel fuel volume
is available for a diagnosis (when the chamber is half full), switch
off the engine. Make a diagnosis of the test result. The chambers should contain a balanced amount of diesel fuel.
When one chamber presents a different amount of diesel fuel then
it may be necessary to repair or replace the faulty injectors.
AT4462 Common Rail Return Fuel Tester


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