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AT6511 LCD Multi Function Auto Tester

Product Code : AT6511

Multi-function Auto Tester w/ LCD Display New self powered (6 to 24 Volt battery connection) continuity tester designed to check all circuits and wiring with power disconnected. Unit contains the following functions: 1. Polarity testing: determines the polarity, positive, negative, short / open circuit. 2. Activating the components with positive and negative current without a jumper wire. 3. Testing the voltage and continuity of the circuit. Bright LED illuminates work area. 4. Testing the voltage of the circuit, voltage reading is indicated on the LCD display within 1/10th of a volt. 5. LED flashlight works to light up dark areas under dashboard etc. Testing Voltage: DC 0 to 24 Volt Operating Power: 12 to 24 Volt Accessories Include: 12 Volt vehicle power plug. 2 x 20ft(6.1m) Extension cords. Heavy duty battery clips and cigarette lighter cable connection. 32"(800mm) Ground lead. 4"(100mm) extended probe for reaching in inaccessible areas. All supplied in blow mold case. Tester Length: 10"(250mm) Extension Length: 4"(100mm)

AT6511 LCD Multi Function Auto Tester


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