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Radiator Pressure Tester & Adapters

AT12278 Multi-Purpose Cooling System Test Kit

Product Code : AT12278
Kit provides major tests in the cooling system: Pressure test, (leaking Test), Temperature sensor test. Water pump test. Thermostat  and cooling fan condition tests.
Includes displaying devices (Digital LCD, glass screen and gauge). These provide the most effective communication between mechanic and owner. Applicable for universal application.
Rubber Pipes  Internal Sizes
25.4 x 80mm length,  31.8 x 80mm length 34.9 x 100mm length,  38.1 x 120mm length
Digital Test Device
Glass screen 20.1 diameter
LED: 1 Watt
Pressure Gauge 0-2.5 kg/cm 2 (35psi) LCD Screen: 24nmm x 12mm
LCD Battery: CR2032 (3 volts)
CE certified & waterproof
Time to turn off: 15 minutes
AT12278 Multi-Purpose Cooling System Test Kit


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